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Maximum number of pages

I have a 2.8" Nextion and have been adding pages without problem.  However, I have just added the 16th. page and I it does not work.

I can design the page & when I put Initialization code "sendme" , the Debug sends 0x660x0f,0xff,0xff,0xff immediately followed by the string to the page that the page was selected from.

Placing the code in the actual display does not select the new page.

It seems there is a limit of 15 pages, but I cannot recall seeing this anywhere.

Perhaps I am blind?



Hi, I am using nextion editor 0.31 with Nextion 4.3", my project has 18 pages at the moment and everything works fine.

" 0X66,0x0f,0xff,0xff,0xff "   returns Current page ID number: 15

Do you write the right page ID?

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