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Serial connection to tft fails

Hi I just received the tft and try to upload the first example "compbutton" The sketch has been compiled and uploaded to the arduino (uno) the hmi is compiled the nexconfig.h has been modified to have only one serial(file attached) when I try to upload the hdmi to tft, hmi editort scans the com ports and baud rate without succeed to finish with the error connection fail. com port to arduino = com5, tft is connected as tft.rx to arduino.tx and tft.tx to arduino.rx (I changed the sense but does not work) either :) what is the problem ? Can you help ? I have only 2 days for doing my project. Many thanks for you help. Georges

Hi Is someone encountered such issue yet ? Any workaround to solve my issue ? Is it a pb of the device ? Georges

Hello, my friend.

First of all, you have to tell me how large the screen size you are.

Second, we are the 4.3 inch screen, you must match your screen.

Third, check your serial port is connected well.

Finally, you can do a project that you want to match with your screen, try using SD card.

If it is not good, you can provide us with your screenshots or photos.


 Many thanks to take about me :)

The connection between arduino and nextion looks working I did this test and can change the brightness and page of the demo screen on the request of the arduino.

So I will put an ds card and see if that ok.

However I would like to fix the issue concerning the link editor to tft, because it is not friendly to copy the project to sd then put it in the device.

What would the causes of this issues ?

Once my tft file is compiled, I have to put it in the sd card at the root level ? correct ? or something else I must know ?

Many thanks, your help is really appreciate


void setup(void)
// Open serial communications and wait for port to open:



Serial.print("page 2");

First, make sure that your nextion and computer connections are correct. Computer TX-----nextionRX computer RX------nextionTX

Second, you can try our simple example.

Third, ensure that you have the serial port to open, and can work.

Hi I did your example, that works fine. Now the other issue concerns the link between editor and next ion tft. I cannot upload the tft via the editor the only way is to use the sd card. Have you any way to find the reason ? Thanks Georges
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