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How to display a bmp picture stored as file in the sd card via an arduino command ?

Hi Is there any way for his? In my project, I may have hundred bmp files, I would like with an arduino command select the bmp to display and ask the tft to load the bmp and display it on the screen. The only way I know, is to store all bmp files into the hmi project via the editor and use the hmi function to display the new via I'd number. Is there an other way ? Many thanks Georges

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At current phase, the SD card can be use for firmware upload only. 

Have you schedule to support this function in next release ?

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No new since on month !

Here is my request for a project i have to run on march.

Please let me kno if you plan to add such function soon.

Having a project on map navigation, it would be fine to be able to store images on the sd card and via a nex object display  the image or an area of the image.

for example display(myimage, topleft coordinate, bottomright coordinate), name of the image and coordinates would be passed as parameters by the arduino.

The current way based on the library of pictures is fine if images do not change (images for button for example) but as images are embeded to the ide project file, change is not possible.

So please can you anwser quickly on this request that concerns lot of user of your product.



I would be happy to have a feedback of the product manager concerning this request or  may be there is nobody ?

What is the use of this forum if we never have anwsers ?

Ok dispalys are not expensive, ok the hmi editor is free, of they have not designed to support industrial product, ok .... BUT I see here many requests, and no anwser, no feedback about were your are going to.

Please, take care a bit about your customers at minimum.


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