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Add scroll field on Chart object


Please can you add as enhancement a new field "Vscrolling" for crop object to allow to scroll verticaly into an image ?

for example if the image size = w=200 and h 1000, scroll 50 will start to display from position 50 pixels of the 1000, scroll = 250 will start to display from position 250.

Obviously we could do the same thing horizontally, this will allow to move into an image.

Tell me if that make sense for you


Mark as "Planned"

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as it is planned to provided thys feature, please do not limit the size of the image. It must be XXL 30 000 pixel width or high would be great. In fact it is to be able to move within a map. :)


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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

- this map image is solely contained in the HMI?

- 30,000 px is already 60,000 bytes per line.

- say 15,000 lines - is 858.3MB - No such Nextion Device

- perhaps 540 lines at 30.9MB fills capacity of top models

- 64 lines at 3.85MB fills capacity of entry models

However, I have reviewed this and included it.

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