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Connect Coolkit devices to FHEM

 Hi, is there a way to connect Coolkit devices to FHEM ( FHEM is a very popular home automatization server software with very active community allowing to connect different devices and manufacturers.

At least for the German market it would be important to support it.

I will inquire our IT techinician about your question and give you the answer. Sonoff and Slampher uses Amazon AWS global server. This is a reliable server. 

Im comming from the FHEM Forum in Germany and i have written a little WIKI for using sonoff with FHEM. You can integrate sonoff in FHEM with a Fhem-Module "ESPEasy-Bridge" or with the MQTT Protocol (sonoff POW).


FHEM Readings from 2 POW and a sonoff Switch in FHEM


Plot from POW Device


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