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Snap to Grid for layout

It would very useful to have a snap to grid function to allow easy alignment of components in window

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2016 or 2017 ??????

This would help a lot.

In addition it would be nice to have a 'zoom' feature. (before I go cross eyed).

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Hi Jerry Shi,
Please give us good news!
When do you expect to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance,

This would need to be a function that only effects the initial component placement.

If this function were to keep pulling components to a set grid, then it would kill off user needed precision

I don't have any issues in using the current methods

- multiple components selected via mouse of all components in a dragged rectangle

- multiple components selected via ctrl+ mouse click to toggle selection

- use of the right/left/top/bottom component alignment

- keyboard input using arrows to finely adjust final position (single or multiple components)

As the documentation on these methods are lacking, many may not know of all of them

Any "snap to grid" function MUST ensure that it does not break these current methods.

As an example: this working keyboard would not be possible under elastic snap-to-grid conditions.


Hi Patrick
It is possible to have a visible grid?
It is useful in the placement and alignment of the components.

Hey Teo,

I think if there were a toggled grid it would be helpful to many.

So just like you can show the IDs (or turn it off when you need to see details)

In this fashion, if an "assisted grid" was in the form of a on/off button with a grid-size setting,

it wouldn't effect finer placements when it is turned off.

It would most likely need to be able to allow the user to change the colors of the grid

Depending on what colors and pictures the user has in their design, a one color grid may be hard to see

The other thing they "could" do is to toggle crosshairs, allowing a user to see both vertical and horizontal lines (redrawn as the mouse moves) to quickly see what is out of place.  Again, it would be something that gets in your way when working with finer details, and so it would need to have an ability to turn on and off as needed.

So, programming wise - it is possible.  The suggestion needs to be translated so that it is understood and hasn't lost its meaning, and given to the dev team. Then they just need the time and the will to do it.

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

visible grid with toggle on/off - carried forward

snap to grid with toggle on/off - carried forward

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