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Nextion smooth font


I am trying to have a great smooth font for text component but I am not able to find a correct one.

They all seem to be "pixelized" and are not "smooth" (as you can have with FT800 fonts).

I also have difference between Debug mode and Nextion Display (other than famous spacing bug)

Calibri & courier fonts look very nice with debug mode but look really disgusting on Nextion Display (4.3")

Could you please tell me one font which appear nice on Nextion Display ?

(x16 or x24)

Or maybe could you send some very nice smooth fonts created without editor (once again, as FTDI do with FT800 and built in fonts)

I know that you have a lot of work but font issue is probably to most important for a Display 


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I finally found "fontgen" software somewhere on the forum that gives good enough results :)


Hello !

Please, you have an Link to the "Fontgen" software, i can,t found with the "Search-Function" ?

Regards, thank you !

You can find the software and the discussion here :

Regards :)

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Thank you @Robin and regards from Austria, Tirol !

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Several Font gen tools now exist provided by the users

Font smoothing will be hard pressed, but represented

Better Font support is an ongoing request - carried forward.