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HMI tool

So... most of us know that ITead's resources are limited. They clearly understand our needs but takes long time for them to make every of our wishes to come true. This is why I decided to make some tools to fulfill my needs. So far I made a font generator you can read about here.

Short time plans:

 - document HMI file format

 - export fonts from HMI file

 - export images from HMI file

- font generator with editor for standard (195 char/file) and extended font files

Long time plans:

 - export/import pages from/to HMI files

Very long time plans:

 - open source editor

And here's a request to start with: in the example projects you can find CompButton.HMI. This demo contains a font (Consolas32gb2312) which includes 8273pcs characters (mostly chinese). Anyone knows how to type these characters on english keyboard? What is the unicode number for these characters? Or what is needed to access all the special characters (I mean the cyrillic, greek and japanese characters on page 1/8 of preview)?

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Here we go... the first part of the new tool...
This one can extract any font from existing HMI file. I made it to be able to extract consolas32gb font from the CompButton example. This font is special because it includes not only the standard English character set but Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese and Chinese (and some special signs) as well. The next version will include picture export.

It would greatly help if someone could tell me how to type with these character sets in the Nextion editor.

In attachment you can find the tool and the source code!

I will release the HMI file format documentation soon!


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i have sources for Nextion Editor and now change HMI format to XML (i know all HMI format and can publish if need).

Now i work on firmware codes because can't find sources for original ITEAD.

I use STM32F103 MCU with 7" display on SSD1963 from and custom controller board. Possible publish on github if interest for others.


P.S. Not a good that not works from outside CN

Hi do you have the HMI file formats for HMI 0.35 and 0.37? 

See some info here

I havn't device so can only see program in emulator.

Also i can't find schematic for.

Can you make schematic for device on stm32f030 mcu ?

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The last 4 characters of *.HMI and *.tft files seem to be checksum digits of some kind. Does anyone know the algorithm that generates these checksums?

Nextion displays, including the Nextion Editor is CLOSED SOURCE. Publishing any reverse engineered part MAY harm IP rights and should be handled with care ...


There were no checksums in the old version of Nextion Editor hmi/tft files. The only two questions are: which checksum method they use -and- which data they checksum. If you put on a textbox and set the content to 'A' then to 'B', the checksum will change pretty much, so we can exclude XOR checksum, that should only change a few bits.

Did a quick test with 32-bit CRC on full data and header-less data with no luck. Probably the checksum is only for partial data and maybe it's a proprietary method. So we are in the dark...

Let's hope my post does not harm any IP rights ;-)

as one result of such, Nextion editor developers will change immediately the CRC algorithm and you can restart research ... so, talk about and even publish makes not a lot sense ...


Hello, relatively new developer here. From ealier post;

Short time plans:

 - document HMI file format

What is the current status re documenting the HMI file format?

I'm using current at time of writing editor 0.47

In my use case there is a separation between the Editor users designing for different projects, and the MCU firmware working with different Nextion displays running different HMI files.

I would like to write a tool to parse the HMI file to partially or fully automate the MCU data structures used at run time for managing different displays from a single MCU firmware release.

I only can repeat it again

Nextion displays, including the Nextion Editor, the HMI format and the TFT format is CLOSED SOURCE.
Reverse engineering without official authorisation or even publishing any reverse engineered part WILL harm IP rights and is done on your own risk ...