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Global component

Many times I encountered problem when I made several pages with status bar. In status bar there is battery level and clock. The problem is that every time I change page I have to refresh component value. I suggest that you make another attribute which will change global components value with one command on all pages. So if I send clock.txt="12:35" it will change on all pages and when I switch between pages the value will be refreshed.

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This is why I extended the arduino code to have page change events. I was able to get a function callback when the page changed, then I could automatically push the screen data.
There is one shortcut but there are few drawbacks. If you initialize component value from one page or have same names for those variables. 


I've encountered the same problem I have a status bar with volume, brightness, battery and language status.

and I have about twenty pages so it a little bit difficult to initiate every page.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Global values of .txt attributes and .val attributes are captured by the .vscope Global

This does not make the component from another page available.

The HMI design allows for up to 3584 bytes (8192 in Enhanced models) per page

This is because when pages are changed they are essentially dumped from memory

There are many advanced considerations and techniques needed to realize Globals.

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