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Waveform behaviour.

 If the added data is < 0 or > h, ugly display.

If data < 0 overflow of the data type.

If data > h, top line stays always.

Solution: check the input ( 0>data>h ) before writing data to the display.



I think the "judgement" should be done in your MCU.

That's not my opiniun. The diplay knows the h an v values, the programmer (not the HMI designer) has to look for it. See also my request to standarise the indicator and control values to 0..100%.

I see what you mean, but we only provide the use of this method, and the limits you say may not be for other people. And this can improve the flexibility of programming. So, thank you for your offer.

Current versions of the waveform accept values of 0 to 255 in the byte range.

Had standardizing been implemented to a percentage value, it would have crimped flexibility for many other project requirements

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