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Label Component, remove property BCO background color

I suggest that the property bco (background color)  be removed from the text component.

why is this an issue:

Consider a page with a single custom background color,  

For each of the text labels the background color must be set to the color of the page background.  If I change the page background color , now I have to change the bco of each text component - 

If you wish to have a specific area of a specific color,  rather add another component like a panel, that has bco property.

This will also solve the problem of rendering text over an image. 


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I think you can use the crop feature to avoid this.

thank for response, and yes the crop feature can be used, but this does not solve the issue of editor being cumbersome to use under the following conditions:

Eg. I have a page with 25 labels, all set to the same custom BCO color

Now I change the page background color , and have to change -all- the labels to same BCO color.

it requires me to do the following:  

I have to select each label, select the bco property >  select define custom color >  set the  r,value, > set the g value > set the b value > add to custom colors >  select the added color >  and OK

and repeat this for each of the 25 labels

It does not seem proper that the BCO should be part the label component.  It will be better if transparent on to the page background and this logic be in the HMI firmware - maybe consider this 


yes,there are the same feedback.we are tring to support transparent background of components.

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Please add my vote for transparency!  It would help tremendously with creating nice-looking UIs.


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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

.bco attribute has many more uses and as such would not be removed.

.bco has been given a default value

Transparency is already on the list and carries forward.

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text can be rendered over an image with .sta crop image.

or via gui xstr command - original considered not taken .bco remains

Impatient to have transprency feature for bco color !

Thank for your work,

You can multiselect all objects and assign color (same as background) at once.

Still - "transparency color" is much better than this :)

Can you elaborate Jerome so that I understand.

What was meant as transparency on 10 Oct 2015 has been implemented as crop-image in .sta providing a transparency for components.  As this request was to remove the .bco background color is denied and as such marked as "not taken"

Placing a feature request for <something not yet implemented> in a dead "not taken" thread will become overlooked.

I will suggest that your votes be added appropriate "support for a transparent 1555 color scheme" and not within dead and dated threads.  Please note the "not taken" at the top of this thread.

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