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Export HMI to XML

I'm working on NETMF driver for Nextion displays. Driver is open source and available on

I would like to auto generate source file based on HMI file in which I would include:

- Page list

- Font list

- Component list

- Pictues list

Right now developer need to build this file by hand.

Can you please upgrade Nextion editor with export to XML function or document HMI file structure?

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Hello Jernejk,

Recently I started to work on a HMI tool. My main goal is to be able to export fonts and images from HMI files, and later goal is to export/import complete pages.

As ITead support probably will be zero on passing the file structure and documentation, the only way is trial&error. Sadly my free time is limited but I try to document everything as much as I can. I will gladly share whatever I find if you are interested (i'm not up to make an XML exporter, so you have to make the HMI to XML conversion tool if you want one)

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Hi Ferenc,

Thank you for you kind reply. I already asked Itead for file structure of HMI file, but they refused to give one. I will be glad, if you are prepared to share with me any information about HMI file structure and how to access to information about pages and controls.



So here is the first draft of the HMI file format.
There are some fields I had no idea about, but it's still better than nothing...


(58.4 KB)

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Wow, very nice job! How did you managed to get so much information from plain binary file?

HMI is a fairly simple file format. I started off with an empty project. Added one component and compared the changes. Then added an image with 1px width, 1px height and red color... and so on...

There are still some mysteries I cannot solve (like component attributes data or 8 bytes in the component data), but I think it's fairly easy to make a program that can copy one screen from a HMI file into another HMI file... or...

In another forum post you can see an example of how to extract fonts from HMI files (writen in Delphi, source included in file)


i have sources for Nextion Editor and now change HMI format to XML (i know all HMI format and can publish if need).

Now i work on firmware codes because can't find sources for original ITEAD.

I use STM32F103 MCU with 7" display on SSD1963 from and custom controller board. Possible publish on github if interest for others.


P.S. Not a good that not works from outside CN

Hello Mitek,


Thanks to Ferenc I decoded enough of HMI to be able to create my c# file. But of course I'm still interested in complete HMI format specification, if you have one, and if you have HMI to XML utility, please share it with us. Github would be great.

I hope to hear from you soon.



i want change HMI to XML inside Nextion Editor. I make github repo and publish specification first.

OK. And by the way. is not accessible from Europe. I get:

403 - 禁止访问: 访问被拒绝。您使用所提供的凭据无权查看此目录或页面。

Yes - i see but for CN

and community and upload HMI.

You can switch to CN language for 2 additional tabs - 

community and video help.

Hello Mitek,
I would be happy to get the documentation as well as the sources too.


In the meantime I found some additional data:
0x0003 BYTE software region (4F = English/International, 55 = Chinese)
Font properties data:
0x0004 WORD character set (00 = English 95 chars, 01 = Chinese GB2312 chars, 02 = only some characters stored paired with GB2312 code)

I publish some initial info about HMI/TFT info .


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