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Custom Colors in the color picker do not stay

If I come up with a custom color pallette it is very difficult to use because I have to type the color RGB # in because the colors do not remain in the color picker. Please allow the colors to remain in the picker.

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Yes, agree a very frustrating control to use, specially if you have to set a lot of components colors to the same custom color. 

It will already be helpful, if the color code can be entered manually in the property window,  and have the color palette picker dialog as option

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yes.the color picker tool is not good, can not save the custom clolors.

we are fixing it.

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Yes it would be great if you can enter the number of the color needed directly in the properties box!!

Thank you

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This is long time request and still an outstanding.

It is and will continue to be included in the feature requests

As this is now historic, the topic will now be marked as solved.