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Version 0.29 Access Denied to Path

 I just installed the editor version 0.29 and getting this error:

Access to the path 'C:\Users\myusername\AppData\Roaming\Nexion Editor\'

is denied.

I was however able to fix it.

1. Remove the software

2. Remove the Nextion folder from the roaming folder

3. Reinstall the software

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I take that back.  After a couple of launches it's back to doing it again.  I don't know if the software uses it as a lock mechanism or what. 


The problem is if you download *.HMI file from web and open it. Than file somehow turns to read only and if you want to open any of HMI file after you will get this error.

If this error repeats you have to open this files properties and uncheck read-only. 

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Are you trying to open more than one instance of the Editor? I am having a similar error when I try to open 2 editors simultaneously.

Okay, here's what happened.  If I download one of the example files off the internet it saves it on my pc as Read-Only.  If I try to open it with the app I get that error.   I had to go find that file and uncheck the Read-Only on it.  Now my pc at home doesn't have a problem doing that.  I think it's some security differences.  You right-click on the file, select Properties, and uncheck Read-Only.  I'm not at my work pc but you might have to do it on the file you saved as well as the file.  Makes sense anyway since you will more than likely change the file you downloaded.


Also you can delete and when you start Nextion app it will work again. is an internal file for the Nextion Editor which should be being created in the compile and debug processes.

Downloading this file file off the Internet does not ensure integrity of the HMI and TFT project.

What should be done is to download an HMI or a TFT and work with those files.

As far as the file, the Nextion Editor will create as needed.

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