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Arduino create list Object

I have this:

NexText sdrow0 = NexText(4, 3, "t0");

NexText sdrow1 = NexText(4, 4, "t1");

NexText sdrow2 = NexText(4, 5, "t2");

NexText sdrow3 = NexText(4, 6, "t3");

NexText sdrow4 = NexText(4, 7, "t4");

NexText sdrow5 = NexText(4, 8, "t5");

I have

void setrow(row, string) {

switch (row) {

  case 0:




  case 1:


etc etc...

I would write in the various lines without using switch case.

Can i use a list of objects sdrow to use it?


list_sdrow(&sdrow0, &sdrow1, &sdrow2, &sdrow3, &sdrow4, &sdrow5)

void setrow(row, string) {


Help me...

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Ok I did ..

NexText *row_list[] =











void setrow(row, string) {


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