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No answer to sleep=0 if awake

I have two things about the Sleep Mode:

The Display sends no answer to the MCU if "sleep=0" is sent and the Display is awake.

The same applies the other way round:

If the Display is in sleep mode, it doesn´t send an answer to "sleep=1".

So it´s very hard to handle the sleep mode in the MCU program.

I would even like to see an Information like "going to sleep mode" as an information sent from the Display or "command not accepted, in sleep mode" as a reply from the Display.

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thanks! v0.30 will fix it.

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Same problem with thsp and  thup.
Please fix it in V0.30 also.


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Sleep, thup and thsp has gone through several changes since 0.29.

As such this thread is deemed historic and will be marked as solved.