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Gboard pro GSM not responding


I am using a Gboard Pro Arduino board with sim900 GPS/GPRS module and Xbee socket to take various analogue measurement and upload them to the internet i.e. google forum via GPRS. I got the Foca; the foca is a usb to serial UART board that i connected to the Gboard pro in order to communicate with the computer. i have attached the data sheet for both the foca and the Gboard.

1. I am able to log data to an SD card but logging stops when I remove the foca from the board

2. I tried using the GSM module but it is not responsive, I downloaded the GSM/GPRS library from ( ) but I am getting no where.

I am relatively new to this but i need to know how to send data to the internet using the Gboard for my school project. if there is anyone who can assist me, I will be forever grateful. My main aim is to get the data from sensors to the internet (Google spreadsheet or anything as long as I can access it remotely. )

The board is unresponsive to the GSM example that are already found on the Arduino IDE but its responsive to the Gboard GSM library that i downloaded from (its at the bottom of the page under downloads ) but this library only contains instructions for calls and sms's. what i need is to connect to a client and send data to the internet. I also downloaded the GSM GPRS... library on the same webpage as the Gboard GSM library but the board does not respond to any examples in this library. 

Any help will be highly appreciated

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Can you please post all the details of your project here?
What are the specifications and the applications of the Gboard and what are the specifications of GSM/GPRS module?
Is the Gboard is compatible with the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth modules?
Also what software it need to write its firmware?


HI, Could you solve your problem ?? I also want to do something similar but I do not have much information about the configuration of the board

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