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Disable components

 I'm developing one battery powered device and I want to have battery indication on Nextion. For now I used two pictures and progress bar and it works great but now I want to have also numeric indication. I was thinking about using text component over progress bar and when I will touch battery area it will toggle between text and progress bar component. Ok theoretically it works but if I use crop image for text component I have text over progress bar. Sometimes this function is useful but not in my case. So I suggest that each component will have enable option and it wont be displayed if it's disabled (component.en=0). Default can be .en=1 so the whole logic will stay the same

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Of course, it would be very usefull to have the possibility of enabling/disabling components.
We could use this feature to display/hide alert dialogs, enable/disable hotspots, etc...

Quite complicate to hide the displayed component.

Here'a a alternative solution

You may try to add a crop image at the same place.

- refresh the crop image if you wan to hide the component;

- refresh the component if you wan to display the component.

In my application, I'm layering buttons, basically to change the on-screen function of a button. I tried using the refresh button to pull a hidden item to the front, but it doesn't seem to be working. I can load an previously unloaded item, but whatever one appears in front in the editor, is the one that retains "touch" control of that region.

Having the ability to disable or unload a component would certainly be helpful.


I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

vis command has been implemented to show or hide component

tsw enables and disables component touch response.