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New Print function

 I really like new print function. Now it's really useful but I wanted to send " character but it isn't possible. I tried with """" and it didn't work.

Also what I don't know is the format of value like b0.bco. For 48631 it returns four bytes F7 BD 00 00 where the first byte is "LSB". What I don't know is if it's always the same format 4 Bytes for all values (timers, etc.)?

Multiline commands probably are not suported (print b0.val "123")? 

print """" is not supported yet.

The format of print is corrected:

*Instance 1:

print t0.txt //returns the txt property value of component t0 in ASCII

*Instance 2:

print j0.val //returns val’s property value of component j0 in 4-byte hexadecimal data

*Instance 3:

print "123" //returns the ASCII of string "123":0x31 0x32 0x33

*Instance 4:

print 123 //returns the 4-byte hexadecimal data of value "123":0x7B 0x00 0x00 0x00


Escape character will be support in v0.30.

This topic is now deemed historic and will be marked as solved.

Some of the escape sequences are supported in current versions

\x00 has yet to be implemented and will carry forward as a feature request