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Complete Example

I was looking and cannot seem to find a complete example that applies both the Nextion and serial commands/interface.  If I were to try to implement such an example it'd include an HMI file and an 'expect' script to drive the serial.

Suggested functionality:

- Set text value on a screen

- Get data from screen

- Update a gauge (digital is good - but, circular/analog would be great)

- Set and get a global value

- Send a pic file to display (maybe the background)

- Send a 'list' of text items to display in a scrolling 'select' list - and get the choice (either index or actual value) from the 'select' list (this would allow for doing things like having the host system provide a list of MP3 files to play - then get the Users choice to start playing

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See this project.


Maybe I should have been more explicit...

A complete example that does not require additional equipment other than the Nextion and a PC.

Designing a board is something that happens well beyond the software prototype process for many (most) of my implementations.  I need to "sell" the idea before I get the money to build a PCB.

That is one reason why I described this in using an 'expect' script for the serial operations as that can be done with most computers that have a serial device and expect.

So, I feel that this is not 'implemented' as it requires far more than a Nextion and a PC.

Thanks anyway

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

The Nextion Return Codes have increased dramatically.

Ability to effect HMI design via serial is now effective.

Send pic to display can be implemented on bare canvas as theoretical, but too long

Scrolling Text component now exists limited to 255 chars

Nextion can be responsible for many applications without custom PCBs.