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Font size between 16 and 24

Is there any chance to have font sizes between 16 and 24 in the font generator?

Or we could set *any* custom size in a text box instead of the combo box?

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Font generation issues is ongoing

Better font rendering, generation,  flexibility - carried forward

Hi folks, 

1. I use generator v3 & v3b and get inacceptable results on the display. Some parts of symbols overlap (I think) and so are invisible. 

2. I tried Calibri with size 48. It's also internal font name is always Calibri_48 regardless of the value I set to the "Internal font name" field.

3. I didn't find v4 link with the Cyrillic support.

Thank you.

Hey 4xy

I don't think that 4 ever came out. 

You could however try the ZI Font Editor v-0.08

You'll need to send an email to to get the manual

the ZI Font Editor thread is

- I know I can generate Cyrillic iso-8859-5



4xy - would also mention Calibri is a Variable width font and not supported by Nextion.

Fonts letters must fit within width = 1/2 height.  So for 48, that is 24x48 - everything right

of that will be truncated.  You have to work with fonts that are fixed width that will allow

for this restriction.

Hello, thanks for the great work!
It is great to have all sizes available, but with Itead generator I can generate size 144 fonts, which are useful for small screen single digit applications.
So the next improvement, after a free input field for font size, would be: character sets!
Is that possible, or the file format wants a fixed space for each character?

Which I understand, but the size 144 font is 290kb!

So if you could just free the size input field, that would be most useful

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