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activate gprs connection on RPI GSM Add-on V2.0


I've just bought an RPI SIM800 GSM/GPRS ADD-ON V2.0 ( for raspberry pi and I ned to open and close PPP gprs connection, looked for a script able to do that but I didn't find. I tried with AT commands but I wasn't able, maybe I don't know all the commands that need to be set. In alternative, I tried to use wvdial but I was not able to configurate it, and the command "sudo wvdialconf" failed, finding the modem busy.

Do you have a solution? can you provide a list of AT commands that must be used to set and then open/close gprs connection, or a script doing that, or a sample of a working wvdial.conf file?

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I calling/answer some one by rpi but i didn't use grps connection. 

Is there a python library available for this board?

I want send sms messages to the pie to switch apparatus on/off

i have established ppp connection for the sim800 module using python socket server and by the help of AT commands for module data transfer has been done
 this link may helpful for the at commands
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