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Contributing to the Android library

Is it possible to push modifications back to the android library? I have added some additional functionality to relieve page events, and other features. For the page event: on the display, page initialization, use the sendme command. The arduino receives the page command and will call a callback function just like a button press. This allows us to then load data to the components on the screen.

Yep, just push the update. And we appreciate your contribute to the library.

I tried to push some changes but I get the following error.

remote: Permission to itead/ITEADLIB_Arduino_Nextion.git denied to bspranger.

I am new to git.  I am a SVN user. So this is all new to me...

I forked and was able to push to the fork.  Is that the correct way to contribute?

It seems as if ITEAD was a bit reluctant to take up pull requests.

This is the reason why I've just forked the lib and won't file PRs. 

If ITEAD sees any use in my extensions (or yours) they can pull them from my fork ;-) 

This way we Particlelites don't need to bother too much with Arduino compatibility ;-)

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