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Suggestion for a product that would be really popular

 These Nextion displays are really cool.   But getting good looking enclosures and fitting them them is a headache for most hobbyists and low volume product designers.

I predict that the first that designs a nice looking enclosure for these displays that also can accommodate an Arduino or Raspberry Pi will make good money.   There exists so many nice modules and boards that can allow the small guy to make good products these days, but making you own enclosures or retrofitting existing ones is still not quite possible.

So let this be an encouragement for someone to create the next great kickstarter project.  I will be the first backer.

I second that.

for me a simple plastic bezel would be enough
just like FTDI has it for their EVE modules

I know there exists a 3D file for it (provided by ITEAD) but I am not able to do some 3D production ...

Nextion can be interfaced to any cpu with a UART. It isn't limited to 16 mhz.
What has all this to do with the topic of this article?
--> enclosures and bezels


Now we have 6 models, and we will have one more, 3.5" in the near future.

I tried to make bezels for Nextion serials by inject mold... but the cost was too high.

To provide bezels for all, we have to spend over 30K USD...


.stl files can be download here:

3.2" and 3.5" will be released at the same time.


    Your wish has been granted.   Check out this Nextion project on Kickstarter

Click Here

* Note: The Nextion display and enclosure must be purchased separately.


There seem to be plenty of people prepared to give you design files for 3D printers, but If I had one of these I'd design a bezel or enclosure myself to my liking.

Is there any owner of a printer prepared to supply an enclosure for a 3.2" Enhanced nextion for money? The design is not critical. It just needs to offer reasonable protection and not be TOO expensive.