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2 overlapping gauges

 How to solve overlapping hours to minutes? See images: time_1.gif after opening the page, time_2 after updating the hours.

(15.5 KB)
(15.4 KB)

On initialization of the page can you force the refresh order? Do: ref ObjId
When I am using two overlapping gauges with both background fill (sta) as "crop image", the lower layer gauge (in this case the minutes) are overwritten by the upper layer gauge (in this case the hours) so the gauge of the minutes is not visible anymore. Is this problem to solve??? I think a background fill (sta) as "transparent" would be better.


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"transparent"...the final sulotion.

Note:use command "ref 0" can refresh all the component on the page.

Back into the world of Nextion and the problem of overlapping gauges. In the past somebody came with the solution to update the gauge in the same way they do as the waveform. You can overwrite up to 4 channels in the wafeform, it woud be nice if the same was possible for the gauge. Not only for an analog clock, but also to set min en max values in the gauge.


Just a technical detail.

- waveform is an application within firmware and less of a component than all the other components within Nextion that do not have a dedicated application within firmware.  As this application within firmware, it makes direct use of GRAM where as the other components can not.  Another application within firmware is thdra.

This doesn't help achieve a layer gauge effect, but may help to understand.

"Triple gauge" has been achieved via GUI code commands:

just the same as gauges using other than line needles need pictures.


The major difficulty in achieving this effect is all the data point calculations

needed to be HMI included. each resize/position change is a do over.

But it can be done.

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