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Example Keyboard

Attached is an example keyboard.  It has a functioning Caplock and Shift key.  I thought others might like to see this.

Sorry for 30 filler images.  I "extracted" this from my actual project.

If you have any ideas on how to make this more efficient please let me know.

(795 KB)

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Nice one. But I have one question what enter button does "page Back.val"?

I made similar keyboard but it's just hard to write on 3.2" display.


Before you go to the keyboard page, you set the Keyboard.back.val to the current page. Then when you click enter on the Keyboard, it returns to the page you were on.
Also in this thread there is an example of the back button.


I could not understand your delight.

The example is totally unworkable except numerical buttons.

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Check this:

Start to work after declaring all variables as global

How do you declare the variables as global? It wont work for me. When I leave the page I lose the value.

To make it more effiecent make you picture in photoshop and select crop image, then select for you image the background image.

The example worked when I uploaded it. I have a feeling the new nextion editors have messed up the global variables

Great keyboard. Is it possible however to make it so when you use the shift key you could input symbols the correspond with that number like on a real keyboard?

And I am trying to make it so that there are 2 text boxes to input information (username and password). How could I go about getting the input to change from 1 text box to the other?

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I'll try to make it work with the latest version of the Nextion Editor (v0.37) if I succeed will post it here, 

Thanks @Bspranger


You may like to try this keyboard, it was included in the Chinese version USART HMI demo.

(64 KB)

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Hello everyone.

Attached you can find my version of this keyboard (tested on Nextion Editor v0.37 and Nextion 4.3" Display).

Some things to keep in mind while using this version:

  • CapsLock key is not implemented, instead I use a double-click shift (like some android devices).
  • "~" key works as the "ESC" key, and it erase the text on the box

Please let me know if you find something wrong with the keyboard and maybe I can help you.


(793 KB)

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This is my attempt at a keyboard. It's for a portrait 3.5" screen.

I have a separate keyboard (letters, numbers and special characters) and a keypad (just numbers). The attached demo you click on the field (eg: "AnSSID" or the number "600"), and it'll take you to the keyboard screen to edit the field, then when you click return, it'll take you back.

Still not very nice to go back, on the Return key there is code to copy the value across, and take you back to the correct page. When you tap the field, it copies the value to the input field, and stores (for display) the name of the field.

Please let me know if anyone has any other ideas for getting the data to and from the various fields that's not so manual (but I think at this stage it's still limited in terms of the actual programing language). I got the keyboard mostly from an iPhone. Feel free to use how you wish, but please do share any improvements you may have. I'm not yet using this for production, but it's getting closer.

This was done in the latest version (as of today), v0.37.

Initial Keyboard Screen:

Special Character Screen:

The keypad screen:


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Thank you.