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Hotspot disable/enable

 I'm making one application where toast message will be displayed and I encountered a problem how to clear it. I have buttons on screen and I display toast message with "pic x,y,ID". I want to clear it with another press on the screen. Is there any way to add attribute (press event) for the picture or even better is it possible to disable hotspot so it will only be active on demand?

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Good suggestion. The request is added to plan.


Temporary solution:    make a new page without hotspot.

it's implemented in the latest version v0.29.

How do you do this in Nextion Editor since I can't see a green enabled (en) setting in the properties list?

I'm on v0.31.

I'm just developing one controller and I wanted to use this function and it's not possible. Is there any trick to do it?
I have two buttons and I want to disable one with hotspot over it. Ok the best thing will be if I would be able to disable button but I don't believe this will be implemented soon :) .


I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

this is now implemented by using the tsw function, include it in event code.