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Nextion + Particle Photon + OpenEnergyMonitor

Still a work in progress but pretty much feature complete.

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Great job!! the kw/h would work great for my off grid solar setup, just too busy to start another project before I finish my smd reflow one

Very nice! I am also integrating with the particle photon. Trying to a fish tank controller, like everyone else... :-)

Good job.

the only downside with the OpenEnergyMonitor is its outrageously high price over other sensors that can do the same thing for a fraction of the price, for a pnp solution that is enclosed I guess its an easy solution to implement and looks presentable


I'm not using any products from OpenEnergyMonitor except for the free emoncms software.  A full write up can be found here.

is HMI Avalible ? 

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