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Timer problem

 I really like timer function. I made two function button. When you press it it sends one value and if you hold it you can change the value. Everything works fine but sometimes hold time is short and sometimes long. Is there any way to reset timer value. Even if I write tm0.tim=1500 I get different times. I made one example on which isn't perfect but you can see different times.

When I was making this example I encountered a problem where I couldn't write variable value to the button "txt". Is there any way to make string from number?

And another question regarding to timer. Is it possible to read timer current value?

(35.8 KB)

I also think it would be awesome to have number to string and string to number functions available.

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I found a solution. For a second you can also use timer at 100ms and if you count to 10 and then take action the time can be off by max 100ms. But still it would be nice if there will be any way to read and set the timer value.


I move this thread to "Feature Request", this function is planned.

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Increasing timer accuracy is important, not yet implemented, and carried forward