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How to wake up ? (sleep=0)


When you use the sleep, when to wake you need to use an additional button that there is not very good. The device does not involve them.

Necessary to make the touch panel should always receive events and send them to the command

Use dim=0 instead of sleep=1 if you want to maintain touch.

Excellent! Working.

Thank you!

Does dim=0 work from the display itself now? When I played with that before it only worked if sent over the serial port.

Yes, it works. I have dim=0 is call from the display. The problem may be if you write DIM=0, (upper case). Using the command from the Arduino works too.

Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation.

Can anyone help me?

Breaking down from serial in to  switch/case statement in Arduino code. 

 can't find example code for more than one component of the same type.
Need more bottons, sliders, text and so on for my project.

Use the Nextion arduino library. Register each button push with a callback function. Then a separate function gets called for each button.

Do you have an example with multiple switches to show me?
I can write my email address here if you want.
It may be possible to break it down to a switc case statement?
Then it becomes easy to see where I can write my own code.

Payment to person who help me to save time.

Per, write what you want to do

Please send me a mail so I can answer you.
So we need not use this forum.

best regards


Email sent

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Hi Bspranger, May I kindly ask you to share  mentioned code too,
Thanks in advance !


ITEAD has examples in the arduino library. This is how I learned.
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