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Now we have a nice slider, the next step maybe is a joystick? My students would be very happy for remote control of mobile robot projects.

1, The RTP can not support mult-touch.

2, you can realise a joystick by buttons..

Thus the suggestion is not take.

You could implement a box that has x and y values. -100 to +100. The center is 0x & 0y. Up is 100y, 0x. Down is -100y, 0x. Right is 0y, 100x. Left is 0y & -100x. Up & Right is 100y & 100x...
You don't need multi-touch support. It's the same as the slider but then 2 dimensional. Calculate the relative x- and y- movements as @Bspranger and draw a circle.


Does it even need to be a circle? A square should also work.
A square as touch area is perfect, I mean the knob. See for example the attachment.


(45.4 KB)

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

- the concept for a component version of a joystick wasn't taken

- it is possible to create mechanically or with 2D some crafty coding

- perhaps a Tutorial on how to realize this might be possible

So I would propose a tutorial to be carried forward.