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Flickering gauge when using crop image


I'm using a gauge over the top of a background image but every time I change the gauge position the gauge flickers.  I would like the gauge to move smoothly going from 0 through to 90 degrees for example but this currently looks awful due to the flickering at every change.

Could this be double buffered or generally improved to reduce said flickering?



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Hi,yes,we konw this is a bug, but it is a bit difficult, need some time.

it should be fixed.

Thanks for your post. 

Hi, I'm facing with the same issue. Is there any fix done or planned? Maybe you suggest a software technique about this. Thanks..

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The background image has been incorporated as a page component attribute in current versions

It is amongst best practice that components above this background do not overlap.

This has created a great improvement.

It is important not to use a full size picture component as the background

but use the page .pic attribute to set the background

As this is now historic it will be marked as solved.