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 Is the default demo that comes on the unit available for download in .hmi format so we can play with the demo and figure out how it works?


Just now started playing around with mine and otherwise next step is to play with the arduino files. I do not have an Aduino to play with nor have time to learn about them at the current time.


Yes it is! It is either on the wiki page or the instruction set page.

you can download the demo example HMI files here:

And "Annoucement" has posted the quick start for beginers.

Ok Thanks. Found it... Didn't think to look at the "boot example". Wording is not clear what it is.
To load this Demo onto my screen after I make changes to it I just need to copy the tft file to an SD card and it should load it from what I am reading.

All I have is a 32gig card. Can I format this as a Fat 32 and load the file on it and do that?

And one last somewhat related question. Am I reading right that when we upload the tft file we are also uploading the firmware so the latest firmware is in the tft file? I have version .28 of the editor.

Thanks again!


Open the demo hmi file by Nextion editor,after you  make changes to it,save and compile,then you can click the menu "file"→“Build Folder” to find the tft file.

I don't konw very if 32G SD card is OK,but the format should be FAT32,you can try it.

Click here to view "Announcement" board.

Have a good time!

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