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still weird fonts on v0.28

 now we have v0.28 and the non-monospaced fonts look still weird

in addition to that the height of the letters has changed obviously (?)

see in the following picture, the first line is the new (v0.28) font Arial 32

and the second line is the old (v0.26) font Arial 32.

- the gap between I an j is still there
- capitals are too close together now
- the @ is not cut off anymore but squeezed now

- the new font seems to be bigger (?)

- it seems that the programmer (itead) tries to convert a variable width font into a monospaced font (?) -> why that ? -> this is not necessary

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Yes. it's a big problem! Can't understand ITEAD do not fix the problem. I belive less sale for Nextion


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@Per. Select transitional a monospaced (non-proportional) typeface. And please no speculations ...

Please take a position on this issue.
Will it be solved ?
When / which version ?


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How long time will this CIRCUS going?

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ZI Font support is limited to specific font sizes in a fix width format.

The main restrictions are height is a multiple of 8 and width is limited to half of height.

This leaves: 4x8,8x16,12x24,16x32,20x40 ...upto and including 80x160.

Converting fixed width Fonts such as Terminal, Lucida Console, Consolas works

Expecting good results from variable width fonts does not

ASCII includes characters 32 to 126 for a quantity of 95 characters

ISO-8859-XX support includes characters 32 to 255 for 224 characters.

The Nextion Editor work fine in systems, and very poorly in other setting.

As such there have been several .zi font file editors contributed by the users.

With the use of one of these Editors acceptable fonts can be had.

This topic will be closed as solved while remembered as an ongoing issue.