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Text window

Is there any way to display multiple text? I would like to display available wifi connections. If there will be one text box where we will send "text" and this text will stay in window and when sending new text this one will append to it.

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no, at this stage, you can not add a new line by "\n"

you can just use a new text component.

You will be able to do it in next version.

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It's working!
for example: va0.val=30

xstr 1,va0.val,398,26,2,2016,0,1,1,1,"TEXT"

TEXT moved up by 1 pixel at each press button


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When will this feature be available?

I could say exactly the same! Without solving these text problem it's not
possible to use Nextion.

Is it possible to change the coordinates of the text box, or possibly with command xstr...

a specific example(in button - Touch Release Event):

xstr 1,va0(va0.val),398,26,2,2016,0,1,1,1,TEXT


It is ok. Just like "input keyboard" does.

the command like this:

 @Looky_Xu, I know I can append to text but how can I add new line? It's not possible because we would need text window for this.

I would not express this so dramatically. But it would be helpful to get answers from ITEAD!!!

Have you tried to add a "\n". Not sure it will work but this is how it is done in C.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Character Escape support was added

Multiline Text is now supported

Scrolling Text is an Component limited to 254 characters.

Scrollbar on text component not implemented but can be simulated.

In V0.30 now you can add a new line by "\r\n". That's the first step to a multiline text object.

The next step must be to develop sliders on the side of the text object to show more lines than the height of the text window.

@ITEAD: Any answer? It's very urgent for my project ...

I've tried the technique described in this thread in V0.30 and I'm able to append text (don't forget to increase the txt-maxl size!) using the following:

t7.txt=t7.txt+"added text"

However, anytime I insert "\r\n" the simulator returns 1a ff ff ff which means invalid variables.

My intent was to have a serial console to send debug text to similar to a DOS window.  Not sure where to do from here.


What has happened last 2 months, Uwe?

Per, I do not understand your question. Itead said "You will be able to do it in next version." and now my question is when this feature will be available because I need a multiline text field in one of my project.

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