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Text window

Is there any way to display multiple text? I would like to display available wifi connections. If there will be one text box where we will send "text" and this text will stay in window and when sending new text this one will append to it.

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It is ok. Just like "input keyboard" does.

the command like this:

 @Looky_Xu, I know I can append to text but how can I add new line? It's not possible because we would need text window for this.

Have you tried to add a "\n". Not sure it will work but this is how it is done in C.

no, at this stage, you can not add a new line by "\n"

you can just use a new text component.

You will be able to do it in next version.

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When will this feature be available?

@ITEAD: Any answer? It's very urgent for my project ...

What has happened last 2 months, Uwe?

Per, I do not understand your question. Itead said "You will be able to do it in next version." and now my question is when this feature will be available because I need a multiline text field in one of my project.

For now you can use multiple text windows (one for each line) and write to those lines. When you ran out of lines just shift position and that's it. Simple but you need a little more power on uC.


Matej, thanks a lot for your suggestion. That was my idea too, but the amount of lines so is fixed. I think a multiline text window should have sliders on its side to show more lines than the height of the text window.

It's not really fixed you can use slider and with microcontroller and slider control which lines are filled with which data. It's not so difficult to do it. But I agree it would be much more simple with text window as we are used at other GUI programs.


It's dependent on the answer of ITEAD. If there is a Nextion solution shortly I could spend my time for other problems of my project ...

@ITEAD: Would be glad about an answer soon. It's very urgent for my project ...

I could say exactly the same! Without solving these text problem it's not
possible to use Nextion.