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Does anyone have any solution to this?
I need more slides.

(5.74 KB)

Can you use the new slider component instead of a bar with two buttons?

I agree with Bspranger. Update your Nextion editor to V0.26 or download it in "Annoucement".

I was playing with the slider, and I think it would be amazing if you could use the slider like a progress bar (with images).  But it appears the only way the slider works with images, is that one is your background and the other is your slider cursor.  So it doesn't grow the image from min to cursor, like a progress bar does.


According to your project, use "Slider" component is OK,"progress bar" is to show the progress.

you can see the difference below:

and you can press the "max xxx" and "max xx" to up and down the slider with user code "h0.val=h0.val+10" and " "h0.val=h0.val-10".

HMI file is attached.



I have received your ticket and hmi file.How to use "Slider" please download the latest Nextion_library from github,there is an example.

If you want to save "val" on a SD card,you can add a SD card module or shiled to your mega2560.

Note:The sd card slot on Nextion display is only for download tft file,and the socket J2 is only for burning bootloader.

What's more,I can't understand very clear about your project.So,it is difficult to be customizable.

UTF-8/ unicode can not solve the spacing problem.

Temporary solution for the spacing issue is use Monospaced font.

Support for utf-8/unicode is on schedule. 

By the way, we have at least 3 ppl watching the forum almost every day. 

@Per Which question? give me a link. 

Hi, Per.

Take it easy! Now I understand your project.

1.Use button with image background can solve your font and Press Event and Realease Event problems.

2.If you can't hold too many sliders or program, you can add a ticket about your project demand clearly.We will provide customizable service for you.

3.After receive your ticket, it will be shifted to our project manager for quote.

What you mean with quote?

We have a lot of Nextion for test out.

Oh, I mean "quotation".

And now,we can supply the whole customizable service,including: interface design, commands sending, source code, hmi file.

You just need to supply us:what commands do you need.


We are trying to implement utf-8 support. but we still need some time. 

For we have to change a lot.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Slider component can now be vertical, solutions for coding this are known.

UTF-8 support not implemented, iso-8859-X was implemented.