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Charts and Graphs

 I would like to see the Nextion editor include support for displaying charts and graphs.  As a minimum, I'd like to see the Nextion display histograms, pie charts, line charts, and bar charts


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I think you would like to see such functions. 

It's in schedule now. 

But ... maybe you will have to wait some time for we have something in more higher priority. 

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

The above graphs can be created with some crafty coding via GUI Designing Commands

Perhaps some tutorials on how to do this are in order.

CHARTS and GRAPHS as a component - carried forward

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Really need this feature !! Any ideas when it's coming?

As a component - the middle one is now the waveform Component

Without waiting for a component that may not arrive 

The lower Bar charts can be accomplished with progress bars

The upper plot can be accomplished via gui

It is more work by the user to realize but can be done

As it can be accomplished by the user, there is less chance

it will be realized as a component.

Any chance of some clues on how to plot a graph as the middle one using information generated on analog inputs, With an adjustable ranges on x and y Please

 something in this way?

(1.52 MB)

Hi maybe this is too much to answer but this is what I want to do:

I an using a DDS signal generator to produce a range of signal going to a bridge and an Antenna.

I am measuring,  via analogue,  inputs the forward and reverse power from the bridge and from that calculating the  Standing Wave Ratio as a graph showing SWR on the vertical axis and frequency on the horizontal (showing a graphical representation of the resonant frequencies of the antenna.

I can do this on a LCD using an array but cannot see how to use you graph function on the notion.

The only thought I had was to start the graph at the start of the scan and freeze at the end of the scan but I don't know how to match the speed of the plot to match the frequency scan time.

Any ideas would be helpful

(6.15 KB)

Questions should be posed in Free Chat where other users have the opportunity to jump in to answer - Feature Requests are not the place to look for answers.

All but the plot line becomes a background picture.

The Waveform Component is used to hold your plotted data.

For each pixel in the plot line you would add one point on a channel

add 1,0,23  // adds next x pixel value plotted at y 23

New graph?  Wipe waveform and redo

Further help achieving this is best posed in Free Chat

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