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Just another aquarium controller.

i am going to upgrade my controller, right now i am using stilo 3 on a mega+ 3.2 tft.

this will have a mega+ esp 8266 +nexion display.


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Why not use a particle photon?

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v 000.1


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i looked at them but i have a mega on hand.

feel free to send me one for testing lol.. :)

So I just got a chance to look at your project. The weather image page 7 "Home" doesn't actually show the weather right? Your just using it to trigger the arduino to grab the latest weather information? Do you have much working with the arduino? Or are you just getting your pages designed?

just working on the pages so far i have some arduino code for lighting its not ready yet.

home will have two pages one with weather "on" one with it "off".still working on that..when on it will grab the radar ever 30 min or so

i have not tried it yet on this but its a gif image i hope it will work.

here is it on my raspberry pi.


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a lot to do....


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I guess I am not sure how your going to be able to upload the image across the serial port to the display. Even if you could it would take a while...

why not run the entire code on a esp8266 ?

should be possible its fast enouch and storage enouch

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