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Font delete - change font id of all components

When you delete a font you have to change the font id of all components.

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Wow yes.  I suggest a future version of the editor either doesn't renumber font components OR at least give a warning that components will be renumbered and substantial work may be needed to fix up. The best solution would be for the editor to track the use of font component ID's and automatically renumber them as others are deleted.

I think renumbering would only work for fonts as renumbering other components might have unintended consequences.


Not only the fonts, but also the pictures, components...etc. 

In the future version, the IDs wont be renumbered. 

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@ITEAD: In which version this bug will be solved?

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Reviewing font renumbering.

Current versions do actually renumber the fonts but maintain the correct font number that was associated with a component.

Fonts can not be deleted while associated with a component.

Renumbering of ids have been addressed with bring top and bring bottom arrows on the toolbar.

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