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Font - BUG sill there in v0.26

 I loades the new Editor v0.26.

I created a new font Arial / size = 32

The font looks as horrible as in the versions before,

especially the spacing,

obviously itead did not changed anything regarding this well known issue :-(

--> see attachment

do I something wrong or do other users have still the same issue ?


3 people have this problem

some progress is made you can use now any windows ascii font (not only "arial")
but the look and the shape and especially the spacing is not good (just like befor)
--> see attachment



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I have exactly the same issue.

@ITEAD: Please fix this bug with high priority before implementing new features!!!

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Disappointing... :-(

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Why so protective regarding the Nextion Editor app? Or general information regarding how to generate the .tft files. If ITEAD sells the hardware why close the software?


The font spaces of special fonts is a difficult issue and we are searching the solutions. 

Only a problem with "special" fonts? If there is a font (any font) that does not have the spacing problem please let us know.

By try and error I found that "Consolas" has no spacing problem. But it's a monospaced (non-proportional) typeface.

I can't understand that ITEAD claims "the bug is fixed", but did not test it.

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I think all windows fonts with variable letter spacing show this errors (?)
(in fact: almost all windows fonts have variable letter spacing)
If you choose a windows font with constant letter spacing e.g. "courier_new", I think there will not be this spacing problem.


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 see here an example of "consolas" and "courier_new"

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Thanks Dirk and Uwe!

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"LucidaConsole" is another one with fixed width:


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@ITEAD: Will the font bug be fixed in V0.27? It's very urgent for me ...

you could look at Ubuntu Mono it is fixed width and quite readable.