Nextion Editor Preview v 0.24 2015-08-06

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where is the v0.22 stable ?


v0.22 and v0.23 are not released.

Current version v0.21, next version v0.24. 

Final testing. 

The slider will be very beneficial! I think you should release your betas so we can provide feedback on features before you actually release them. This way the new features will more likely meet the customers need

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Nice feature. But I would be glad if I could display a correct font on the Nextion. So would it be possible to get a beta of the V0.22/V0.23/V0.24?

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@ITEAD: Any answer for me???

I agree with Uwe Wilts. The most important "feature" right now is at least one decent font.

Hi,@Uwe Wilts. The comming version can support all fonts in ASCII from your computer.

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@Looky_Xu: My question was "So would it be possible to get a beta of the V0.22/V0.23/V0.24?". When will the stable V0.24 be ready for download? Why so mysterious???

Can you please start publishing a nightly build? This will allow us to try new features and provide immediate feedback. And yes we understand they new features may not entirely work, that ok! We are trying to build applications and there have been several bugs that you state are planned to be fixed. The sooner we get those the easier it will be to build or applications.

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Things are almost done. If everything goes well, it will be released later today.

Next time, we will provide nightly build before a big upgrade. 


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nextion editor shows, that v0.26 is released and tries a automatic update,
but get stopped during the download always ... :-/


now it works ...
thanks for the new version


Is there a change log available?
no, I can not find one ...
and the font bug is obvious still there ...


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