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How to send commands from MCU to Nextion?

how can i send commands like "dim=30" from my MCU to the display? i am able to do so in the debug window, but can you provide a small sample code how to do this command in the arduino sketch? thank you!

When you send commands from your MCU, they must be followed by 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF.

It gives something like that in Arduino:


If you use a terminal emulator with ASCII commands, you can write "ÿ" which is ASCII 255:

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I can't paste ÿ into 232Analyzer because when I'm copying it and trying to paste it, it pasting y instead of ÿ 


Where do you copy "ÿ" from?

From website, from one of existing topics in this forum

What do you get if you try to paste it in Notepad?

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