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Group Components

It would be nice if you could select several components and then group them. It would make it easier to create the same look/feel on several pages, but more importantly move the group without having to realign each piece.

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Hi,Bspranger. If you want to creat the same components on several pages ,you can copy"page".

 I think Bspranger's idea as merit. While some times it may be acceptable to copy a page other times I might just want to grab a subset of objects and move them to another page. Other times I might want to grab a group of objects and move them together on the page but keeping the space between them unchanged.

If you use MS powerpoint you will see how powerful the concept of object grouping is for design.

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something like snap to, or select multi objects to auto align would help with things like keyboard or num.pad.

where you need to align multi objects ..

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Multi select and then align (top, bottom, left, right, center) would be awesome! Also multi select and then size (smallest height, largest height, smallest width, largest width, etc).

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Align Top, Align Bottom, Align Left and Align Right and Align Center implemented on tool bar

Multiple select and copy paste has also been implemented.

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How about possibilty to create group for few items and manage them like one object. I mean hiding, viewing.. 

Also move to other page.


I want to create popup on many pages with custom messages. Of course i can copy message popup to all pages, but i think this isn't effective. One common group for this can solve this problem.

To have components be visible or not visible will need to be copied to any page you wish this popup to occur.

If this is nearly every page, place those components on one "skeleton" page that contains these components and when starting a new page, you copy the skeleton page to a new page with the "copy icon" in the pages pane.

An alternative is to switch pages to the message page

Devote one page as your message page

Place your popup page and message constants within that page.

Then from any page, there are only 2 things to really know

- which page would the message page needs to return to

- which message will need to be displayed.

Pass these to pieces to message.returnto.val  and

When the message page loads, display the appropriate message based on msgno

when the user is finished and taps your Ok button - page returnto.val will the load the page they were just on before the message. 

More considerations are needed if you wish to retain the state of the page before jumping to your message page.

Now i'm lost.....
Where can i find information about a message page and the attributes you mentioned?


The message page is symbolic of a page you create in your HMI for this purpose - renamed to message

The returnto and the msgno would be variables placed on that message page, set to global.

each static message could also be a variable or merely in your event code.

This is something that you would create just like you create a page for your HMI now.

I only offered an alternative solution, it is best to use what you are comfortable with.

That's clear, thank you.
I was thinking about this a few days before that it would be handy if each page has an unique identifier which can be used as a return to page number.
Also it would be even more better if the page statement could handle variables, ie: page variablename.
But I'm quit sattisfied, as it is....


well, I should have tried that before I wrote it in the forum.
It is possible to use a variable...I'm such a prick :-(


Also recently new is the dp system variable.

dp contains the number of the current page

get dp -> would return the page number

dp=2 will change page to the page with id 2

dp=va0.val can change page to which number is in va0.val

  (if your project has so many pages - fails otherwise)

(PS: Refreshing the thread page, hover over your message - reveals trashcan .. stuff happens)

After I posted there, Im thinking about this:

"message elements" on global scope, and use title, description and other things change after unhide them.

And also I realised, that all logic still must be done in controller, not HMI device, so I can create functions for this.

Good idea?

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