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Help with Smart Fish tank - Demo

Hi, i tried to follow the Smart Fish Tank- demo from your website, but i have troubles with getting a serial signal when a button is pressed. not in the debug window, but there are also no serial leds flashing on my mega. i also tried it with an arduino uno, but also no success. any suggestions? i didnt upload the code with Foca but directly with my mega, with an empty skech onboard and connected to RX0 and TX0 and installing the sketch of your demo site afterwards. then i switched to RX2 and TX0 as you described on your demo site. what could be the mistake? btw: pressing the buttons they change to green, but the dont change to "ON", because they dont get the desired Information of the serial port...

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Hello,Hahi. if you use mega to download HMI file to Nextion,please comfirm the connection is TX→TX0 RX→RX0 with empty sketch. After you download the demo, please switch Nextion to mega as TX→RX2 RX→TX2.

Thank you, i had wrong connections. Nextionarduino is ok now, but still no connection in the debug Window of Nextion editor. It should work, right?

Hi,here is our smart fish tank V2.0,more function,more beautiful.

Hello! I'm using Arduino UNO. And I have such a problem. The second sketch: buttons do not work with the clock. Or button or clock. What ever can be done?

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