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display orientation


is there any possibility to flip the display orientation for 180 deg, because i need the plug on the other side...

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Sorry,there is no better way to do this at present.

we will do effort to realize it.

Thanks for your support!

I also need to deploy Nextion 180 deg, because after installing the screen into the box, access to SD will be closed.

Please do it quickly, the screen has already should be put into the box and I can not download updates.

We will realise such function in the enhanced version by the end of this year.

At current platform, it's quite difficult to make it. 

ok, for me that is too late to use your display. what does "enhanced version" mean? Is ut a replacement for the current version? What will be enhanced? Different hardware or different software? Same price?

Different hardware/firmware, 

support more functions.

Different price, which is not determined yet, i need to get the final cost after small batch.

Ok, and what about the form factor? Has it the same dimensions (outer shaoe of the pcb) and connectors connectors? Will you continue and improove the current version of nextion, or will be a replacement of the current version?

PLEASE, can you tell more about this enhanced version? Is it the same TFT? What else will change? I need to know if it is worth waiting so long. There are other systems on the market, too, and i think you should announce more clearly what you are planning so that i and other customers know if it is worth waiting;-)

We will provide both version. 

Maybe same TFT, enhance in hardware performance.

For example, the enhanced version supports GIF.

The project is not finished yet, things may change day from day, I can not tell how much difference between the two versions right now.  

Hello ITEAD team,
will this feature comes end of this year?
Please make it as dims. This SETTINGS should be stored in the display.


Hi expert team! Can you explain me how refresh The firmware in my nextions? And where is the firmware file Bye and thank you!
I'm not sure I understand why there would be a need for new hardware. I don't think people are asking for an accelerometer to detect the orientation of the screen, only that they be able toggle a page to appear upside down on the display. This should be possible to do in software.

For graphics, this is a non-issue, the graphics can be rotated in the graphics editor.


Agreed, it would be more flexible to be able to design for a 180' rotation screen.

sorry, but isn't this issue already solved long ago, even for standard displays?



(26.6 KB)

Ah yes. 
Thanks , rather embarrassing that. 

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