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Open source firmware

Hi, are there are plans to make STM32 firmware used on the Nextion boards open source? The Nextion hardware is a nice platform by itself to use in various projects. It is understandable, that publishing complete firmware may not be desirable. But may be it is possible to have documentation for FPGA interface and MCU pinouts, so one can roll own firmware for these excellent modules?

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Like the idea to have all ends open.

Maybe they can share information about the bootloader, there will be some open minded thinking necessary on the Itead side!

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i have Nextion NX3224T028 and MCU was damage, i resoldering MCU but can't find firmware to program. Can you help with binary file or better with sources :)

Tanks in advance


Mitek did you ever get an answer to this?

I'd even be happy with purchasing just the chip preflashed so I could repair my 3.2 tft

Found out the same STM32 is used in the XNUCLEO-F030R8, maybe this link will bring us a bit closer to 'own' firmware...

The searh is not over!

Which Nextion model has the STM32F030R8 (.T6?) ??

Yes, it is the STM32F030R8T6 on my 3 boards.

Which Nextion models ??  The R8 is better than the C8 ... so which models?

My mistake, tookk a better look in closeup: it is the STM32F030C8T6 on the NX3224T024_011, NX4827T043_011 and NX8048T050_011 and not the R8 version...

I was really hoping for extra SRAM and more internal Flash :)

I hoped for a more open firmware to use the UART without the prefix/suffix limits.

I am not sure by what you meant as open firmware, and which prefix/suffix limits.  Care to expand.

Have control over the UART, now an Arduino is talking to the nextion and is talking to other serial devices.

I would be 'more elegant' to program the nextion talk to other serial devices, in full control of its UART.

It is limited to

That is the firmware's interface.  A lot of work to take over control of the UART (or bit-banged serial over GPIO is what I think was really done), and then there is the issue of redoing the IDE/HMI to reinterface with the firmware that makes the HMI function.

That was the question to gain control of the STM32, it has more power then a general small arduino.

I do understand it has lots of other issues to deal with.

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