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New topic/thread category "Announcements" for ITEAD


I suggest that you create a new topic/thread category called "Announcements" in addition to the four existing categories.

In this new category you could make announcements when you update the Nextion Editor or the Arduino library, or when you create a new tutorial.

It will be much easier for users to learn and follow changes.

As it is now, you make annoucements in arbitrary threads created by users who have problems/questions, for instance:

- You give the change log of Nextion Editor v0.22 in the thread "Font not correct" in category "Report a bug"

- You announce an updated Arduino library in the thread "disable dbSerial?" in category "Free chat"

- You give the link to a new tutorial in the thread "Read Button State"

(By the way, this tutorial should also be added in the Nextion Wiki , and it should be mentioned that old tutorials referring to "nextion.h" are not compatible with the new Arduino library, as I already suggested in this thread ) 

If users don't read specifically these threads, it's difficult to be aware of what's happening.  

Examples of annoucements in two other forums that I follow regularly: 



You may also write your announcements on your Twitter or Facebook pages.

Thank you in advance for your help! :-)

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Thank you,@Raphaël. Good advance! There will be a new topic "Announcements".

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