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Eyes tearing animated gif on NEXTION Wiki

Hi, am I the only who can't stand the ani gif at 

The unsynchronized display in the background and camera speed create a strange moire (solution keyword: genlock). 

The constantly moving image disttracts from page contents.

And it's unacceptably huge :( (9+megs) -- videos of similar size are usually loaded upon user request only. Why should a gif be handled differently? 

I think a more user- and bandwidth-friendly solution can be used with similar effect.

With regards,


This version can not support animated gif.  It's not a bug.


I think there is no relation between the version of Nextion Editor and the problem described by Jan :-D

Jan is talking about a visual effect on the animated gif picture on the Nextion Wiki, not the Nextion display.

There are horizontal dark lines "moving" vertically on the screen in the background of the animated gif:

You will find some explanation here:

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Thanks, Raphaël, for another explanation -- this is one aspect of the Wiki page I dislike. Actually, due its unacceptable size, such an image should be considered a serious bug. Are e.g. mobile data free, unlimited and super-fast in all other countries except mine? I don't think so... Images are downloaded and rendered automatically by the browser, which may make visiting this wiki page a boring and expensive event.

Additionally, the "raw" information value of such an image is rather negligible. 

I have never spoken about the NEXTION device itself in this context.


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Hi,@Jan.Thanks Raphaël. There is no vedio player by the WIKI editor or maybe I havn't found it.

Hi Looky_Xu,

there's no need for any video player....

A) Think twice whether information brought bythe image is really worth much effort. The easiest solution is selecting a single frame from the gif and storing it as a JPEG with appropriate compression level...about 100KiB at most (IMHO about 50KiB must suffice).

B) Take a new, properly synchronized video shot. Choose one frame, publish it making it a link to a video file which can be downloaded and played locally the way user prefers.

C) Combide A) and B) -- create small representative image from the original GIF, make it a link and let the user open the huge GIF upon request (e.g. in a new browser window/sheet using target="_blank" attribute).

Any of those solutions cures both original issues -- huge amount of data and ugly look of the page. 



Hi, Jan. Thanks for your suggestions.

we take B). Wiki has been updated.

Thanks, that's much better. Have a nice time,


Thank you! Have a nice weekend.

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