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About a "Smart Fish Tank"


Here I design a "Smart Fish Tank" control page(Nextion 4.3"). If anyone interested in this project can download the source picture(open by Fireworks).

Looking forward to your HMI project. :-)


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Nicely done!

ITEAD should make some demo for their new Arduino Lib, and this is a nice open source project ! 

Very Nice.

I am also working on a custom fish tank controller. I am behind where your at (little time with two young kids) but I like what you have so far! I might try to tailor mine based on yours. What are you using for controllers? I am going to try and use a Particle Photon as the brain. So far I have a standalone RO/DI controller and standalone LED controller. Both are based on controllers my employer builds. So my project would be to add more control similar to a Neptune Apex and also link my standalone controller together.
Can you share your Nextion .hmi file? I would love to see how you have implemented a few of the screens.

Hi,@Bspranger. ITEAD is planing to make it open source. As so far, we have released a tutorial for the basic functions by using arduino controller. Please get it in topic "Announcements".

here is one of pages of the HMI file(uncompleted) .

For the control of the aquarium pumps, feeders, etc. it is better to have ON, OFF, AUTO. The ON, and OFF are your "manual" mode and the AUTO, runs your timer, schedule, etc.

There are a lot of methods.For me,the relationship between mannual and timer is "only one active". When you touch "manual" button,the timer is conceled,as the same,when you finished the blanks filling,and tick the timer,"manual" becomes the status of the pump or feeder.

There is a turorial about this project:


Good news! Our dream has come true!

Watch video here:

i'm also making a fish tank controller with the 7" nextion. how can i best controller my heater.

it is switched on of off by a relay board. i want to switch on at SET temp and switched off also.

how can i write that in a sketch for the arduino mega??

can anyone tell how to make a moonfase??

i don't know how to make a changing moon on the nextion?

How do I change all the pictures to work with my 3.5" Nextion screen?

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@Bruce Jordaan i think you have to rebuild the pages. in a 3,5" display setting

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