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Questions about the Nextion Instruction Set

In the instruction set there is a chapter "System Variables List". Some questions:

  1. What is the purpose  of this list? For example: can I send the string "dim=500xff0xff0xff" to set the brightness to 50%?
  2. In this list ITEAD is talking about "touch drawing function". Is that function operational and how to activate it?
  3. I can set the brush color for touch drawing but can I set also the brush width?

Thanks, regards...

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@Wijnand Nijs

1.This list is the hardware commands.

2.Just send "thdra=1" to active the "touch drawing function",and you can send "thc=RED" to set the brush color to red or others.

3.To set brush width? Not yet.


1. The System Variables List should be updated with 'baud' and 'bauds'.

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You just forgot the value "9600" :-)

Haha~~Tks! I think "9600" is not welcomed by the people who likes "baud". :-D

What's the valid range for the system command "dim"?



Is it possible to read the value of dims and store it in a variable on startup?

dimval.val=dims  doesn't seem to work

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